July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The Taliban and Islamic State group are dominating Afghanistan and Syria despite all military efforts

: America failed in Afghanistan because of corrupt and greedy businessmen

American troops in Afghanistan have been trying their level best since 2001 to curb terrorism and bring back stability but have failed at last. Taliban, a terror organization is dominating in most of the regions of Afghanistan and have full control over the decision making of the country. The United States has lost over a billion dollars to the fraud contractors and illegal arms dealers working in Afghanistan.

Taking an example of the infamous contract fraud against the US Corps. of Engineers. The US Army has exposed a multi-million dollar contract fraud done by Raymond Azar, owner of SIMAINT along with Tony Abi Saab, an illegal arms dealer. Both are from Lebanon, Raymond is an ex-military person whereas Tony is a business tycoon who has built his vast empire from black money. The secretary of Sima Salazar group, Dinorah Cobos was also arrested for her contribution in executing the crime. The company had procured $150 million contracts of the US military before being exposed. It was using the alias Sarah Lee, a non-existing person as a founder of the company to extract money. One of the US Corps. of Engineers wore a wire for the FBI to expose the multi-million dollar fraud, both Raymond and Dinorah were caught in Afghanistan, redhanded with bribe money and documents used in the conspiracy against the US Army.

The investigation team also spotted the role of the illegal arms dealer, Tony Abi Saab in the fraud. The Army later found out, it was Tony’s plan to fraud the US in contracts, Raymond was merely following his master’s instructions. Most of the shares of Sima Salazar is owned by Tony and the company was running under the sub-contract of his company Brescia Middle East. Tony Abi Saab is the owner of Brescia Middle East, an international arms and weaponry dealing company located in Lebanon. He was indicted of duping 5 million dollars of the US Army through his fake companies Bennet-Fouch and G2 Armony.

It is strange that many of the business partners of Tony Abi Saab are from the countries which are the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Tony was indicted from running shell companies in the EU. He was importing weapons from Italy, Russia, and Germany to Lebanon to later re-routing them to terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. Raymond was punished with 5 years in prison along with the fine of $15 million whereas Dinorah was punished with two years in prison. The fraudster, Tony escaped the jail term by pleading human rights violations and errors in collecting evidence. Governments of Syria and Afghanistan need to take strict action against the war criminals and shouldn’t ignore them.

Marc Azani