February, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Money launderers like Tony Abi Saab don't fear the legal authorities

Illegal business of an arms dealer Tony is largely run from the dirt money that he obtains from terrorists by selling weapons.

Money laundering is practiced globally and its omnipresence can be better understood by the recent report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It says that somewhere between $800 billion and $2 trillion goes through the rinse cycle every year. That’s, if calculated, is almost 2 to 5 percent of entire planet’s GDP!

Lebanese, Tony Abi Saab is a money launderer, fraudster and a wanted criminal. The United States has banned Tony’s main company that deals in arms on international platform, Brescia Middle East, and his fake companies—K5 Global, Brixia, Bennet-Fouch and G2Armory, from doing any business there. Tony, being an avaricious businessman, puts millions of innocent lives at stake by doing trade with dangerous terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. He always prefers money over humanity.

Tony’s BME is headquarter for laundering his dirt money which he obtains by selling guns and weapons to the rebel groups. As per the information received by the US Army from their local sources, Tony was importing arms from Italy and selling them in the black market to terrorist groups in Syria. His company, Brixia, produced spare parts for weapons and smuggled them to countries throughout the Middle East for reassembly and sales. All the hard cash trespasses easily through the porous border many of Lebanon’s neighbouring countries. The US Army doubted the extravagant figures in BME’s local and foreign bank accounts, this made them to keep an eye of Tony. After a month of investigation the Army knew there is something awry in his arms and weapons business; a sting operation orchestrated against Tony by FBI, CIA and the US Army.

Tony was caught red-handed and was brought before the US court to stand the trial. His fake companies K5 Global, Brixia, Tactica-Ltd and G2 Armory were indicted for defrauding the US Army of $5 million, and BME was charged for money laundering and supplying weapons to the terrorist groups. But sadly, due to technicality in the circuit court, he got bail from the court.

Money laundering happens in almost every country in the world and its inflating feature is dangerous for the world’s peace as it only benefits the criminals.

Chief Editor