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Tony Abi Saab swindles money belonging to US Army through fraudulent contracts

The trouble is, he is an arms dealer supplying weapons to the rival factions in the wars in the Middle East, all for profit.

There is an epidemic of Weapons smuggling that is promoting terrorism and conflicts around the world.

Global Task Force cited the recent and most blatant example of Tony Abi Saab of SIMAINT and Brescia Middle East of Lebanon who is winning US Army contracts and routing them to benefit terror groups. BME and Tony Abi Saab are repeat offenders, and have an uncanny ability to evade global checks when smuggling weapons around the Middle East.

What was troubling to authorities was the ability for Tony Abi Saab to move weapons out of Europe on fake End User Certificates. These weapons were traced and were being rerouted and sold to the highest bidder in Syria. Tony Abi Saab created a banking system and a network of companies that are working as a group of shell companies that are conducting fraud in places like Afghanistan.

The confirmation of the funding source was US Department of Justice indictment against Tony Abi Saab in Afghanistan for which his company, Brescia Middle East was barred from doing any business in the United States. Tony Abi Saab’s company was indicted via an extensive sting operation orchestrated by several US Agencies and arrested him for bribing a Government official and conspiracy to commit fraud.

What was surprising to GTR was the intensity of the sting operation. It indicated that Tony Abi Saab got more attention than he was due for a simple bribing conspiracy. Was he providing logistical and material support to terrorists, only for the sake of profit?

Tony Abi Saab however, got away citing human rights violations and in return of a jail term, he just paid a small fine. Now, the FBI, CIA and other US law enforcement agencies want to nab him again and are looking for a means to do so.

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