February, 14 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Sima Salazar and BME together defrauded the US Army of billion dollars

Tony deserves harsher or similar punishment as his partner in crime, Raymond.

Two big names, Sima Salazar International, a reconstruction company in Afghanistan, and Brescia Middle East, a guns and weapons dealing company in Lebanon—defrauded the US Army of billions of dollars. It is unfortunate to know that BME is still doing its illegal business in the Middle East countries and eyeing Europe for new trade opportunities.

Sima Salazar was owned by Raymond Azar, a Lebanese, who is convicted for bribing and conspiracy against the US Army. He was sentenced to five years of jail and a penalty of worth $15 million. Arrest and conviction of Azar in 2009 was surely a big slap on the illegal empire of the local contractors in Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Azar worked for Tony, so most of the business deals of the Sima Salzar were finalized only after his approval. Many shares of Sima Salazar are on the names of the members of the Abi Saab family. Only to obfuscate the link between the BME and Sima Salazar group, and through that, to cover up the common role of Tony and Raymond in their illegal trade, they pretended independent functioning of their respective-owned companies. Apart from BME, another Tony-owned company, Tactica Ltd, based in Afghanistan, had regular interaction and business deals with Sima Salazar.

Brescia Middle East was accused of selling weapons to the terrorist organisations in Syria and Iran. It imports weapons from Italy, mainly from these two suppliers—Beretta and Tanfoglio. BME is equipping rebel groups with deadly guns and weapons that are inciting wars in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, and also keeping the terrorists away from weapon crisis.

There is no doubt that both Raymond and Tony were complimenting each other and sharing the profits obtained from the terrorists before one partner received a jail term. Tony was helped by Raymond in safely trespassing guns and weapons from the porous borders of Afghanistan to the terrorists. Sima Salazar and Raymond Azar got punished but Tony Abi Saab played tricks in the US court to avoid a jail term. Tony falsely pleaded human rights violation and errors in collecting evidence against the US Army and the investigation teams. He was freed from the all the charges just by paying a small sum of money as a penalty.

Bad news for the peacemakers is that BME and other shell companies of Tony are still bidding and winning contracts in the Middle East countries and Europe, despite being banned in the United States.

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